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All of the skills that our president & CEO has learned and passed onto my staff, I’ve personally learned myself through the teachings of my father Edwin Rivera SR, who’s been doing this a lot longer than I’ve ever dreamt. I wanted to be able to take what I’ve learned and pioneer it, in order to spread it to more of the East Coast of the country.

Edwin Rivera II

CEO & Founder

Liners, Masonry & Other Services

Why Is Liner Maintenance Important?

It’s important to stay on top of your Liner. The liner is there to prevent overheating and fire in your chimney. Typically, liners last between 15-20 years and it’s important to go with a company who provides a high-end luxury experience when replacing your liner. 

If left unattended, mortar joints get broken  from inside of the chimney and are impossible to detect without an inspection.  defects from your chimnney including it’s liner can lead to adverse effects including carbon monoxide leaks and other indetectable dangers to your family. It’s important to have EZ Ventilation come by so we can properly diagnose your liner just incase it needs to be replaced. 

Our luxury process includes a proper instillation, proper insulation backed with a 20 year warranty.  We’ve been told that we’re not the cheapest when it comes to liner replacement but customers have been happy knowing that the same company that’s installing it is warranting the product and the peace of mind means more to their family. Contact us today if you feel you might have a problem with your chimney liner!


If you’re located in New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Conecticut, contact us today at 1-800-941-3160 for your consultation today!

Learn about masonry & other services that we have to offer!

Contact EZ Ventilation today for a chimney inspection! We would be able to diagnose any problems or issues, such as if you’re in need of a liner replacement, masonry patching, Chimney Flashing, Tile Knocking, Wood or Pellet Inserts, and more! By having EZ Ventilation perform a certified chimney inspection attached to an estimate, we would be able to properly diagnose your chimney so your family can stay safe during the year! 

Our liner & masonry services start in Northern New Jersey, Western New York (Rockland & Westchester Counties), several counties in New Jersey including but not limited to Sussex, Warren, Morris, Bergen, Passiac, Somorset, Middlesex, Hunterdon, Union, Somerville, Monmouth, Mercer counties, counties in New York including but not limited to Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, New York City (Manhattan), Staten Island, Sullivan, Orange, Putnam, Columbia and Rensselaer. We clean chimneys and service sweepings in all Connecticut counties, including Fairfield, Hartford, Litchfield, Middlesex, New Haven, Tolland, New London; all of the counties in Rhode Island including Bristol, Kent, Providence, Washington and Newport, all of the counties in Massachusetts including but not limited to Barnstable, Berkshire, Bristol, Dukes, Essex, Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire, Middlesex, Nantucket, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk, and Worchester Counties, as well as southern counties in New Hampshire including but not limited to Cheshire, Hillsbourough, and Rockingham. Contact us today to get your chimney serviced by one of our regional professionals! 

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Sometimes you need to go ‘out with the old’ and in with the new’ with EZ Ventilation! With over 10 years of experience, we truly care about our homeowners and our pride shows with the projects that we do!

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